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J. Ellis Guitarworks is a lutherie service based in Charlottetown, PEI.

A full range of services are available for electric and acoustic guitars, basses, bouzoukis, mandolins, etc. This covers setup, general maintenance, repair, as well as custom building instruments. Please visit the services link at the top for a full run down. 

Also, feel free to check out the gallery for photos of completed work and projects from the past!

"When I had seen a guitar he’d made for himself I knew I had to have one. He more than enthusiastically crafted the best instrument I’ve ever owned. Should the time come when I’ll need a new one I’ll be going back to him."
-Mike Morrison


"I don't remember how long he had it for, maybe 4 days? It didn't matter, when he brought it back it was like it was not just new to me, but to this world. The bottom was fixed and didn't show any sign of the knob's initial disconnection, the frets gleamed and the soldering inside was fixed so the cord was solid. New strings, tuned and prepared. It was 20 years newer."

-Greg MacEachern

"We had spent an afternoon working on one of my prized guitars, a Dean Razorback Lightning with a Floyd rose bridge set up. He walked me through the mechanics of how to set it up using tension, and how to measure that tension to fit whatever gauge strings I required at the time. A valuable lesson for someone intending to use Floyd rose. We got the tension set perfect, tuned up, let the guitar sit and fine tuned a few times before it was perfect."
-Colby Bulger


"Outside of the wear and tear on my bass to be expected from over a year of use, the work Joseph had done still holds up. In my opinion, he has been the best person I have ever had a look over my baby as he not only did the work that I paid him for, but he went above and beyond."
-Alexander Eastman


"I am the owner of a somewhat rare Japanese Jackson Rhoads Pro. While for most of my guitars I will change the strings and do some basic setup the floyd rose can make things a little bit finicky. After having set down this guitar for the better part of a year I decided it could use some love and attention, and I had no worries bringing it to Joe to get everything back in top-form. It now plays better than when I received it from the original owner." 
-Evan Younker


Custom Flying V Headstock
Kerfing installed along the sides.
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